The Song Book

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The Song Book - Drinking From Your Wine, Bhagwan

Colloquially known as The Orange Songbook. It's also part of Sarlo's musical website.

Song book
Published by Ma Yoga Laxmi
Original Compositions and Musical Arrangements by: Swami Prem Anubhava
Design by: Ma Anand Katyayani
Production by: Ma Deva Sandipa, Swami Anand Vijanyo, Swami Prem Sudarshan, Ma Prem Apa
Photography by: Ma Prem Champa, Swami Krishna Bharti
Coordination by: Ma Yoga Pratima
Processing by: Rajneesh Foundation
Silkscreen and bound by: Rajneesh Foundation
Printed in India


TSB Page001.jpg

The Song Book

Year of Publication : 1980
Publisher (Distributor) : Rajneesh Foundation
Edition No : 1 (March 1980, 500 copies)
ISBN / ISSN : no
Number of Pages : 52 (including covers)
Out of Print : Y
Hardcover / Paperback : P

Sample pages

  • TSB Page001.jpg
  • TSB Page002.jpg
  • TSB Page003.jpg
  • TSB Page004.jpg
  • Page 1 Draw Near

  • Page 4 Asalaam Aleikum

    Page 5 Thank You For Giving Me All That I Need

    Page 6 See A World In a Grain Of Sand

    Page 7 When a Flower Blooms and Out Of the Head

    Page 8 Get Out, Get Out

    Page 9 Have You Let His Smile

    Page 10 Colours of Creation

    Page 11 Drinking From Your Wine, Bhagwan

    Page 12 If You Don't Fight With Life and How Does It Feel

    Page 13 Like a Hollow Bamboo

    Page 14 Love's Returning

    Page 15 I Dance My Way To Freedom

  • Page 16

  • Page 18 Endless Sky Of Your Eyes

    Page 19 You Are the Mountain

  • Page 21

  • Page 22 Dancing Lightly

    Page 23 Our Birth Is But a Sleep

    Page 24 We Make Love Go All the Way and Should You Wish To Know

    Page 25 Close Your Eyes Now, Rest Inside

    Page 26 Flower of a Man

    Page 27 Here Is a Garden

    Page 28 Don't Push the River

    Page 29 Sitting Silently Doing Nothing and This Too Will Pass

    Page 30 Only In Silence

    Page 31 Happy To Fly With You

    Page 32

    Page 33 Back Into the Ring and Wake Up Wake Up

    Page 34 There Is So Much Magnificence

    Page 35 Waves of Love

  • Page 36

  • Page 38 This Very Place

    Page 39 Light Upon Light

    Page 40 I Let It All Go and He's Flown Beyond the Sunset

    Page 41

    Page 42 Oh My Lord You Are a Fire

    Page 43 Walk Into the Holy Fire

    Page 44 You Are the Treasure of My Body

    Page 45 Talking To My Inner Lover

  • Page 47

  • Page 48