The Osho Song Book

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Song book
Song transcription by Sw Siddhamo and Sw Anand Milarepa
Artwork by Ma Ishitaa and Ma Nirvikalpa
Design by Sw Prasad
Special thanks to Sw Veet Niten
Colorseparation by Reproscan
Printed by Parksons


TOSB Page01.jpg

The Song Book

Year of Publication : 1993
Publisher (Distributor) : Osho International Foundation
Edition No : 1
ISBN / ISSN : no
Number of Pages : 36 (including covers)
Out of Print : Y
Hardcover / Paperback : Stapled

Sample pages

  • TOSB Page01.jpg
  • TOSB Page02.jpg
  • TOSB Page03.jpg
  • TOSB Page04.jpg
  • Page 5 Just Say Yes

  • Page 6 The Time Is Right

    Page 7 We Melt Into Your Love

    Page 8 Ah This

    Page 10 You Put a Song In My Life

    Page 11 Falling Leaves

    Page 12 Fire From Your Eyes

    Page 13 Nothing Is Said

    Page 15 The Sound of Water

    Page 16 Home Is Where the Heart Is

    Page 17 The Universe Is Singing a Song (music track)

  • Page 18

  • Page 19

  • Page 22 Altitude of Your Love

    Page 23 There Is So Much Magnificence

    Page 24 This Moment Is Everything

    Page 25 Osho We Your People

    Page 26 Whisper in a Hurricane

    Page 28 Where Earth and Sky Are One

    Page 29 Never Born Never Died

    Page 30 The Miracle of You

  • Page 32 Trees Bow Down

  • Page 33

  • Page 35

  • Page 36