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(Paul Greaver aka Antar Sudhananda)


His exquisite guitar playing is intricate and sensitive, coming from a background of classical training that has been wedded with folk, rock, jazz and world music influences. His relaxed, clear tenor voice has a pure and gentle quality.

Sudhananda's music is about beauty, harmony and unity . He is inspired by nature, his master Osho, and meditation. His songs speak with conscious lyrics about love, spirituality, ecology, and social issues.

Sudhananda is also a recording engineer and producer and has worked on many recordings for the children's music label, Music For Little People, as well as other artists. Sudhananda's music is full of the light energy of living foods. He has been deeply into raw foods and natural healing for 29 years.

Contact Details

P.O. Box 1661
Redway, CA 95560
Phone: +1 707 923-5231
Sudhananda - music of the heart and spirit
1982-1986 : Joy sanyaswiki : Paul Greaver
1984 : Returning : Paul Greaver
1986 : The Fruits of our Labor : Paul Greaver
1987 : Terra : Paul Greaver
1989 : Winter Spirit : Paul Greaver
???? : Songs Of Awakening
1993 : Paradise Cafe : Antar
1996: Laughter of the Buddhas
1998 / 2008 : Sudhananda : Sudhananda
2006 : Garden of Mystic Lovers : Sudhananda
2008 : Seasons : Sudhananda
2010 : Guitar Lullabies : Paul Greaver
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