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(Klaus Schober)

Photos by Bhikkhu from original video footage of Osho's arrest in Greece on March 5, 1986.

Took Sannyas October 27, 1975 in Pune.
Stayed in Pune with one short interruption until June 1981. Moved to Amsterdam in 1982 with his partner Ma Deva Waduda. Started the Wu Wei hotel boat and Hotel Utopia budget hotel and café. Visited the Ranch annually.
In January 1986 (timeline), when Osho was in Kathmandu, Bhikkhu and Waduda flew to Nepal via Athens and Bangladesh. Waduda insisted that they buy a video camera. They got a room next to Osho at the Soaltee Oberoi Hotel.
Rafia asked Bhikkhu to film Osho the next day in his hotel suite for a foreign press interview, as there was no camera operator available for a few days. Bhikkhu and Waduda continued their filming in and around the hotel during Osho’s afternoon walks in the hotel garden.
When the sudden news came that Osho had to leave Nepal due to American political pressure, plans were made to fly Osho to Greece. Bhikkhu and Waduda happened to have a return ticket to Amsterdam via Athens, and crossed paths with Osho, Amrito, and the rest of his entourage in the Athens airport, on their way to Crete. When Osho started talking in the house of Greek filmmaker Nikos Koundouros, both were very fortunate to participate in Osho’s Greek talks, which later moved outdoors beneath a beautiful tree.
On March 5th, 1986, Greek police forcibly broke into the house where Osho was staying and arrested him at gunpoint. Bhikkhu and Waduda were present on their motorbike with their small hi-8 camera, and Waduda instantly started to film the action. They followed the motorcade and Bhikkhu managed to gain access to the arrest cell in the harbor station, where the police held Osho for some time.
By now it was clear that the police wanted to deport Osho from the Athens airport, and Waduda arranged to get tickets on the next plane after Osho’s. They reconnected with Osho at the Athens airport. Osho was in police custody, accompanied by Amrito, Nirvano, Latifa and Anando. While under arrest, Osho arranged a press conference, which Bhikkhu filmed. A short segment of this footage was used in episode six of the Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Country (2018).
Bhikkhu at the camera in Buddha Hall, 1987.
In February 1987, after the World Tour and Osho’s return to the commune in Pune, Bhikkhu and Waduda sold their business in Amsterdam and moved to an apartment in Pune. Garimo invited Bhikkhu to join the video crew, together with Sw Niskriya. For the next two years, Bhikkhu worked freelance, often as camera operator during Osho’s talks. He flew to Amsterdam and brought back a professional Ikegami TV camera, which was needed to film Osho at the commune.
During that time, he created the film The Rising Moon (1988) from 16mm film archive material, which he rescued from the Zurich Osho archive. From the Greek footage, he also created the film Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries (1988). Osho loved both films, and asked Bhikkhu to create a film with the title Life and Vision of Osho.
At the same time, at the end of 1989, Bhikkhu and Waduda became aware of the bad sound quality of Osho’s meditation audio cassettes. They suggested to Anando to produce them on CD. Anando responded, “Why don’t you do it?” After presenting this project to Osho, he gave them the name Tao Music.
Since February 1990, Tao Music, later called New Earth Records, has produced over 270 albums. The company initially started in Munich, Germany before moving to Boulder, CO, USA, and continues to flower today.
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