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This songbook has been compiled and annotated by Shivananda. He has kindly allowed us to use it, and writes:

"I think I started to collect Osho songs around the time when Osho was on the World Tour (1986). I was writing the songs by hand in a book and illustrating it with paintings and drawings. Since many of my friends liked the book, I started to make copies.

Sufi Dance and the Music Group in the evening in Poona 1978 were actually the 2 major opening keys to Osho and Sannyas. They opened my heart and I remember that I was deeply touched and in tears to be part of this amazing energy. I have always been playing the guitar and singing since I was a child and hearing these songs I felt, that I had been waiting my whole life for this event. Since that time Osho songs became my music and it is still like this today. What I really liked that we could sing Hare Krishna and then Allah Allah, Hallelujah, Shalom or I Am Sailing from Rod Stewart with the same passion. All conflicts, race, belief and separation was melting in this overwhelming love and devotion to Osho - to Love - to Life. For me a dream came true.

Now 35 years later I still sing together with people all these songs. They still carry the magic and my heart is still touched singing them.

A few years ago I wanted to have the songs in a digital way and I compiled this book, which at this point is called Joyful Music. It is a personal selection of the songs I love to sing and I have been editing on an ongoing basis. I am happy that they fit your project. I think these songs are a treasure, which should spread as far as possible. They were born in love, devotion and passion and they are still fresh and alive. True evergreens."

(Shivananda, 2013)

Song book
Compiled by Sw Shivananda
Annotated by Sw Shivananda



Joyful Music

Year of first publication : 1987
This edition : 2008-12-06
Publisher (Distributor) : n/a
Edition No : ?
ISBN / ISSN : n/a
Number of Pages : 22
Out of Print : n/a
Hardcover / Paperback : electronic, PDF


Page 1 : Contents


Page 2 : Contents continued


Page 3, songs 1 - 6


1. Aad Guray

1 A. Aad Guray Nameh (Version)

1 B. Ah This

1 C. All Are Blessed In This Time

2. All I Am You Gave to Me

3. All the Birds Fly Home

4. All We Are Saying Is Give Peace a Chance

5. Allah Allah

6. Allah Hu Akbar

Page 4, songs 7 - 15


7. Allah Illah Allah

8. Allah Illah Ellah Allah

9. Amadije

10. And It Goes On and On and On

11. And There Is Only One Sky To Fly In

12. And When I Feel You

13. As The Stars In The Sky

14. Back Into the Ring

15. Because You Are Alive

Page 5, songs 15A - 21


15 A. Dance Your Way to Freedom

16. Dancing in Your Garden

17. Dancing in Your Light

18. Deep in Love

19. Draw Near

20. Drinking From Your Wine Osho

20 A. Drive-By

21. Ecstacy

Page 6, songs 22 - 28


22. Enamulaya

23. Even If You Have Broken Your Vows

24. Every Time I Look At You

25. Everyone Alive Can Share Your Blessings

26. Fly High

27. Fly High My Love

28. From the Smallest Grassleaf

Page 7, songs 28A - 32A


28 A. From You I Receive

29. Ghalbee Ghalbee

30. Gopala, Gopala, Devakinanda na Gopala

31. Govinda Hare

31 A. Hare Krishna Hare Rama

31 B. Hare Om Shiva Om

31 C. He's the Sun Behind the Sun

32. Flower of a Man

32 A. Man Beyond Our Fantasy

Page 8, songs 33 - 39A


33. Hear the Sound of Our Love

34. Here I Am

35. Hey Coração

36. Hineh Matov Uma Nayim

37. I Enjoy What Comes

38. I Am the Joke

39. I Am Touched By Your Beauty

39 A. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat

Page 9, songs 39B - 46


39 B. I Can Hear You

40. I Can Shake Your Hand

41. I Can Tell By the Way You Move

42. I Drink a Toast To You Osho

43. I Just Close My Eyes

44. I Let Go

45. I Love You Whether You Know It Or Not

46. I Rejoice

Page 10, songs 47 - 55


47. I'm Here to Wake Up

48. I’ve Got Sunshine

49. Ide Were Were

50. If You Don't Fight With Life

51. Iketeru Yorokobi Wo

52. In the Silence of Your Presence

53. Into Your Hands

54. Ishquallah Mabudhellah

55. Jai Durge Jagadambe

Page 11, songs 56 - 62


56. Jumna Ki Jay Jay

57. Just One Ordinary Man Has Changed My Life

58. La La La (Russian)

59. Let My Love Grow

59 A. Let the Sun Shine In

59 B. Let the Way of the Heart

60. Let the Wind Blow

61. Letting Go

62. Light Upon Light

Page 12, songs 63 - 66


63. Like a Hollow Bamboo

63 A. Like Falling Leaves Blowing Away

64. Like the Wind Through the Trees

64 A. Looking For Love

65. Looking Inside

65 A. Looking Into Your Eyes

66. Love Is Like a River

Page 13, songs 67 - 73A


67. Love Is the Fire

68. Love, Light, Healing

69. Loving Is a Beautiful Feeling

70. Mai Dagua Hainia

71. May All the Sentient Beings

72. May the Fire of Love

72 A. May the Love We Share Here

73. Mother I Feel You Under My Feet

73 A. Music of Silence

Page 14, songs 73B - 77B


73 B. My Heart Is Opening

74. My Sweet Lord

75. Never Born Never Died

76. Nothing Is Said

76 A. Ocean of Life

77. Oh My Heart Is Calling

77 A. Oh My Lord You Are a Fire

77-B. Om Namah Shivaya

Page 15, songs 78 - 83C


78. Om Tare Tuttare

79. On a Soul Train

80. One Breath

81. Oo Whee Life's a Play

82. Osho I Feel You Take Me To the ...

83. Osho Your Blessings Endlessly Shower

83 A. Persuade the Buddha

83 B. Ra Ma Da Sa Ra Se So Ham

83 C. Rising I Am Rising

Page 16, songs 84 - 90


84. Salam

84 A. Samba Mantra

85. Senua De Dem

86. Shalalalala

86 A. Shalom

87. Shema Israel

88. Shiva Shambo

89. Shree Ram Jai Ram

89 A. Sitting Silently Doing Nothing

90. So We Let Love Grow

Page 17, songs 91 - 95


91. Spread Your Wings

91 A. Strong My Roots

91 B. Sunrise Over the Mountains

92. Sweet Sweet Osho

93. Talking To My Inner Lover

94. The Beauty That Surrounds You

95. The River Is Flowing

Page 18, songs 95A - 101


95 A. Silence of the Mountains

96. The Universe Is Singing a Song

97. There Is So Much Magnificence

97 A. This Is a Carnival of Light

98. This Life Our Celebration

99. This Moment Is Everything

99 A. Trees Bow Down

100. Wake Up Wake Up

101. Walk Into the Holy Fire

Page 19, songs 102 - 107


102. Walking in the Garden of Your Presence

103. We Are Flowers In Your Garden

104. We Are Going on a Journey To Nowhere

105. We Are Moving the Way of the White Clouds

105 A. When I Look Into the Night

106. When You Go With the Flow

107. Whoever Hears This Melody Come Join Us

Page 20, songs 108 - 113


108. Witchee Tai Tai

109. Ya Azim

110. With a Little Help From My Friends

110 A. With You Osho

110 B. Ya Azim

111. Yemaya Assessu

112. Children of the Rising Sun

113. You Are Love, the Center of Every Storm

Page 21, songs 113A - 117


113 A. You Are the Empty Sky

114. You Are the Rhythm in the Falling Rain

114 A. You Are the Treasure of My Body

115. You Can Make Me Dance

116. You Just Flow With What Is

117. You're My All and Everything

Page 22, songs 118 - 121


118. Your Blessings Have Filled My Life

119. Your Grace

120. Your Love Is Breaking My Heart

121. Your Love Osho