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Template:Clone A Template:Nihongo is a bamboo staff which curves slightly, approximately 15 inchesTemplate:SfnpTemplate:Refn (or half a metre[1]) long, which is used as a "symbol of a Zen master's authority" in Zen Buddhism.[2] In contrast to the keisaku, the shippei was often used as a disciplinary measure for meditating monks. It can often be found at the side of a Zen master in a zendo and is also "one of seven items that make up a Zen monk's equipment."[1] It is fashioned out of two pieces of bamboo that are shaped into the form of a spatula[3] (or short bowTemplate:Sfnp), wound with rattan,Template:Sfnp and lacquered.[3]Template:Refn

Sometimes curved in the shape of an S, the shippei may be elaborately decorated with a silk cord or have carvings. It is still "sometimes employed to hit monks."[4]

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