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Template:Early texts The Sarvāstivādin Canon refers to the core texts of the Sarvāstivāda tradition, which is one of the more influential early Buddhist schools. These texts were written in the Sanskrit language. A large portion of these texts have been tranlated into the Chinese language, and a smaller portion are translated into the Tibetan language. The original Sanskrit manuscripts for some of these texts have also been discovered.[1]

This canons of the early Buddhist schools were traditionally divided into three sections or pitakas ("baskets"). The three pitakas of the Savastivadin Canon are:

  1. Sarvāstivādin Vinaya Piṭaka
  2. Sarvāstivādin Sutra Pitaka
  3. Sarvāstivādin Abhidharma Piṭaka


  1. E.g. the Dirgha Agama)

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