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yoga, yogi, master, adept, unite with, tuning in, communion with being, contemplative harnessing, practitioner, practicer, realization of the happy state of meditation, esoteric practices of tantra, practitioners being in the real condition, authentic condition, immersion in genuine being [JV]

1) practice, yoga, 2) practitioner of yoga. 3) literally meaning 'union in fundamental reality.' Connecting with the real. esoteric practices of tantra; intensive spiritual practice; yoga, union [RY]

yoga, union in fundamental reality, tuning in [IW]

[practitioner of] yoga [the realization of the happy state of meditation yoga literally meaning 'union in fundamental reality' esoteric practices of tantra] [IW]

immersion in genuine being; yoga/ intensive spiritual practice [RB]

Yoga. 1) The actual integration of learning into personal experience. 2) See Yoga Tantra [RY]

<yoga> [IW]

<yoga> [yang dag pa'i lam dbang du gyur pa] [IW]

yoga [IW]

yoga, 'union in fundamental reality [realization of the happy state of meditation yoga literally meaning' esoteric practices of tantra] [IW]