Dkon mchog brtsegs pa

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Jewel Mound. A Mahayana sutra [RY]

Syn dkon mchog brtsegs pa'i mdo. Ratnakuta sutra; Ratnakuta [RY]

ratnakuta, sanskrit work of names and attributes of buddha in 100 chapters, ratnakuta, a mahayana sutra [JV]

Ratnakuta-sutra [IW]

Jewel Mound Sutra / Sutra of the Heap of Jewels; Ratnakuta-sutra. Also known as the Maharatnakuta sutra, an important collection of forty-nine Mahayana sutras [RY]

Jewel Mound [Sutra] [thd]

Mahāratnakūṭa Sūtra [Erick Tsiknopoulos]