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ParamanuchitchinorotTemplate:Ref label (Template:Lang-th; 1790 – 9 December 1853), also called Paramanujita Jinorasa, was a child of King Rama I and Lady Chui (จุ้ย). His given name is Prince Vasukri (วาสุกรี). He was a Buddhist writer. One of his well-known epic poems is Lilit Taleng Phai.[1] He was Supreme Patriarch of Thailand from 1851 until his death.


Template:Refbegin Template:Note label The name is also spelled Paramanujita Jinorasa and Paramanujit Jinoros.

His full title is Somdet Phra Maha Samana Chao Kromma Phra Srisugatakhatiyavamsha (สมเด็จพระมหาสมณเจ้า กรมพระปรมานุชิตชิโนรส ศรีสุคตขัตติยวงศ์; Template:RTGS), meaning "His Holiness Second-Class Prince Paramanuchitchinorot Sisukhottakhattiyawong, the Great Royal Priest". Template:Refend


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