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'jam mngon - Manjusri [JV]

'jam dpal rnam par rol pa'i mdo - The Sutra of Manjushri's Perfect Emanation; Manjusri-vikridita-sutra, (T 96) [RY]

'jam dpal gshin rje - 1 of sgrub pa bka' brgyad, wrathful manifestation of Manjusri, central deity of the Tathagata family, related to the aspect of the Body [JV]

'jigs byed - bhairava, n. of gshin rje gshed?, n. of yamantaka?, n. of vajrabhairavi, (1 of 8 chos skyong, ferocious emanation of Manjusri ?) bhairava (hindu deity on whom vajrayogini tramples), destroyer [JV]

'phags pa 'jam dpal gyi sprul pa rgyal po khri srong lde'u btsan - King Trisong Detsen, an emanation of Noble Manjusri [RY]

'phags pa 'jam dpal gyis lung bstan pa - In a vision, the noble Manjusri told him [RY]

rigs gsum gyi lha - deities of the three families (Arya Manjusri of the Tathagata family, Arya Avalokitesvara of the Padma family, and Sri Guhyapati Vajrapani of the Vajra family) [JV]