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Also known as Spread Your Wings.

Sw Prem Anubhava
Lyrics and chord notation
 G                    C     Am
Spread your wings and fly a while

 G                 C         Am
Spread your wings look to the sky

 G                    C          Am        D
Spread your wings the clouds are gone, hey hey

       G                             ┐
It is love life laughter             |
        C                            |
       love life laughter            |
        G                  D         |
       love life laughter awakening  ┘ -2x or more as needed,
                                           say for grand finale

There is a story about this song...
In the 1982 Master's Day celebration, the Darshan on the final day was the grand culmination of
five days. Energy was building as everyone waited for Osho to arrive at the Mandir. 
As he was driving up, this song began to play and the heavens opened up with
sudden massive thunder, lightning and pouring rain. Dancers exploded, singers sang their
hearts out and something happened to the crowd. It got "out of control," as they say,
but those present were really present. They did not turn into a mob. But guards could not
resist the flow of humanity that surged toward the stage as Osho entered. People near
the front lifted those in front of them up to the stage and were lifted in turn
by those behind them so that by the time Osho came in through the backstage entrance,
there was a sizeable impromptu party waiting to greet him. Some of them got
as close to him as they ever would in their lifetimes. And as the music subsided,
those on the stage clambered off and found a place somehow on the floor.

This song went on possibly for much longer than planned, so two other songs on the programme
were not preserved on the final tape of the Darshan, which had to fit into a 90-minute
audiotape format. A link to that music can be found at the page with all the songs
and words of this celebration, still being worked on.

Template:Source Sarlo's Chord Notation 1
Lyrics and melody notation
Spread your wings and fly a while               g a b c c b a
Spread your wings look to the sky               g a b c c b a
Spread your wings the clouds are gone, hey hey  g a b c c b c cd d

It is love life laughter             b d d d dedc b
      love life laughter             c c cdcb a
      love life laughter awakening   b b bcba g a -d d

Template:Source Sarlo's Chord Notation 2
Also see Sarlo's Ranch Songbook 1982-07-06
Lyrics and chord notation

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Sw Prem Anubhava
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1982-07-06 Master's Day Darshan

Sw Anand Nivedano : percussion

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