Level of aspirational practice

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Level of aspirational practice (Skt. adhimukti caryā bhūmi; Tib. མོས་པས་སྤྱོད་པའི་ས་, möpé chöpé sa, Wyl. rigpawiki mos pas spyod pa'i sa) —

The Great Tibetan Dictionary says:

Aspirational practice is the way in which the Dharma rigpawiki is practised during the path of accumulation and joining where emptiness is not seen directly but conceived of merely through aspiration or term- and object-universals.[1]

Alternative translations

  • Aspirational conduct
  • Aspiring conduct
  • Intentional conduct
  • Engagement through belief (Jeffrey Hopkins rigpawiki)
  • Firm resolve (Jeffrey Hopkins)


  1. Tibetan: tshogs sbyor gyi skabs su stong nyid mngon sum du ma rtogs pas mos pa tsam mam sgra spyi dang don spyi'i sgo nas chos nyams su len pa'o

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