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Template:Infobox religious biography Kenneth Henry "Ken" Jones (18 May 1930 – 2 August 2015)[1] was a Welsh Buddhist activist, poet, and teacher.[2] He was considered an important voice in socially engaged Buddhism.[3]


Born in Wales, Jones spent much of his career in higher learning.[1] As an anarchist, Jones had at different times been associated with Communist Party of Great Britain, the Labour Party (Victory for Socialism Group) and the UK Green Party.[1]

As a proponent of socially engaged Buddhism, Jones was a founder of the UK Network of Socially Engaged Buddhists[1] and was a member of the International Advisory Committee of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship.[3] He also authored The New Social Face of Buddhism: A Call to Action[4] considered important book on socially engaged Buddhism.[3]

Jones taught at the Western Chan Fellowship[2] and was in the lineage of Sheng-yen.[3] He won many prizes for his poetry.[3]

He died in August 2015 after a long battle with prostate cancer.[2][3]



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