Jumna Ki Jai Jai

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Also known as Jumna Ki Jay Jay.

A playful Hindi song in praise of the flowing rivers and the god of dance.

Traditional Hindi

Lyrics and direction - Wild Dances and Silent Songs

                             Stand in a circle, facing center.
Jumna ki jai jai      |      Keeping left foot in place, lunge forward and down
                      |      on right foot bringing arms to the ground.
Ganga ki jai jai      |      Pivoting on left foot, step back with right foot, raising arms up to the sky. -2x   (Repeat both parts)


Kailash pakti Shiva   |      Join hands in circle 
                      |      with arms raised above shoulders, and walk to the right.
Shankar ki jai jai    ┘-2x   (Repeat to the left.)

>>Begin on e – according to the cover: Em, Am Em, Em, Bm Em.

Source: Cover text on Wild Dances and Silent Songs

Lyrics and direction - Aneeta

>> Song praising Shiva and the holy rivers coming from his hair. Shiva master of the holy peaks. I bow to Shiva.

Jumna ke jai jai     |       Lunge forward on right foot. (Jumna)
Ganga ke jai jai     |       Arms going down as if into water, (Ganga)
                     ┘-2x    Back on left foot arms above head. ( ke jai jai)

Kailash pate shiva           Stamp right foot forward, right hand stiff, 3 fingers making shiva’s trident. (Kailash pate Shiva)

Shankar ke jai jai           Stand left foot raised & bent at knee in dancing Shiva posture. (Shankar ke jai jai)

Source: Aneeta's Sufi Dancing in Poona, nr 39.
Lyrics and chord notation

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Audio - full length

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