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James Ishmael Ford (Zeno Myoun, Roshi) is an American Zen Buddhist priest and Unitarian Universalist minister. He was born in Oakland, California on July 17, 1948. He earned a BA in psychology from Sonoma State University, as well as an MDiv and an MA in the Philosophy of Religion, both from the Pacific School of Religion.

Ford is co-editor of The Transient and Permanent in Liberal Religion,[1] and is the author of This Very Moment: A Brief Introduction to Buddhism and Zen for Unitarian Universalists,[2] both published by Skinner House Books. He is also the author of a study of Zen teachers and communities in North America, Zen Master Who? A Guide to the People and Stories of Zen,[3] the co-editor of The Book of Mu: Essential Writings on Zen’s Most Important Koan,[4] and the author of If You're Lucky, Your Heart Will Break: Field Notes from a Zen Life[5] from Wisdom Publications.


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