I Bless What Comes And I Bless What Goes

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Also known as I Enjoy What Comes.

Lyrics and direction
I bless what comes and I bless what goes
I enjoy what comes and I enjoy what goes
I love what comes and I love what goes

>> Two long lines of people facing each other about two metres apart.
   Take a step toward each other on the phrase “what comes”,
   Remain still on the phrase “what goes”. (V: Put the foot behind next to the front foot.)
   On the last “what goes” you take four steps backward to starting position.
   V: Step forward with right foot and start stepping back with right foot.
   V: Step back slightly toward the right to get in front of the next partner.

“Bless” can be substituted with “enjoy”, “love”, “accept”, “like”, 
“melt with”, “laugh with”, “play with”, “dance with”, “sing with”... 
Source: the Sw Anand Virendra memorial blog.
Lyrics and chord notation

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Sufi Dance (1977 - 1978)

Ma Prem Aneeta

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18 3:46

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