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In Dzogchen Ground (Template:Bo; IAST: āśrayaTemplate:Sfn or sthānaTemplate:RefnTemplate:Refn) is the primordial state. It is an essential component of the Dzogchen tradition for both the Bonpo and the Nyingmapa.Template:SfnTemplate:Sfn Knowledge of this Ground is called rigpa.Template:Refn


The Template:Bo has been rendered as 'Base', 'Basis', 'Ground' and 'Ground of Being' amongst other English glosses. According to Dudjom the original Sanskrit-term is āśraya (IAST; Sanskrit Devanagari: आश्रय; Etymology: आ- √श्रि),Template:SfnTemplate:Refn but it could also be sthāna.

Sam van Schaik states that gzhi is to be distinguished from kun gzhi. In the Seminal Heart series a distinction is made between kun gzhi, c.q. ālaya, "the base of it all", the samsaric basis of consciousness, of all the samsaric appearances; and gzhi, "the nirvanic basis known as the ground."Template:SfnTemplate:Refn

Three qualities

According to the Dzogchen-teachings, the Ground or Buddha-nature has three qualities:Template:SfnTemplate:Sfn

Goodman & Davidson point out that this Ground is both a static potential and a dynamic unfolding. They give a process-orientated translation, to avoid any essentialist associations, since Template:Quote

The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo

Beings are trapped in samsara by not recognizing the ground. The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo from the Gonpa Zangthal states: Template:Quote

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