Dran pa nyer bzhag bzhi

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four applications of mindfulness, four essential recollections:

  1. The essential recollections of body - lus dran pa nyer gzhag
  2. of feeling - tshor ba dran pa nyer gzhag,
  3. of mind - sems dran pa nyer gzhag, and
  4. of the doctrine - chos dran pa nyer bzhag. [RY]

four applications of mindfulness. [RB]

the four objects of mindfulness. [IW]

the four objects of mindfulness (vipashyana): lus dran pa nyer bzhag dang, tshor ba..., sems... chos... among the byang phyogs so bdun. [IW]

the four intimate applications of mindfulness [Erick Tsiknopoulos]