Empty Luminosity

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mched pa shin tu stong pa'i 'od gsal - the utterly empty luminosity of increase [RY]

stong pa'i 'od gsal - 1) empty luminosity, as opposed to apparent luminosity {snag ba'i 'od gsal}. 2) the luminosity of emptiness [RY]

stong pa'i 'od gsal - 1) empty luminosity; 2) the luminosity of emptiness [IW]

stong gsal - empty cognizance, empty luminosity, empty and cognizant, emptiness and cognizance, emptiness & clarity, empty yet lucid, empty and aware [JV]

stong gsal rang cig gi dran pa - self cognizant mindfulness of empty luminosity [RY]

stong gsal rang dangs - natural clarity of empty luminosity [RY]

thob pa stong pa chen po'i 'od gsal - the great empty luminosity of attainment [RY]

don gyi 'od gsal - True luminosity. Same as empty luminosity. actual clear light, the true, real luminosity, ultimate luminosity [RY]

'dun pa sems pa'i rnal 'byor - the yoga of aspiration and intention [one of the five yogas rnal 'byor lnga. [in the Nyingma texts, at the time of the path of accumulation, by aspiring to both empty luminosity and the apparent divine body, this is produced only as a provisional object of devotion.] [IW]

snang ba stong pa'i 'od gsal - the empty luminosity of appearance [RY]

'od gsal - luminosity. Literally 'free from the darkness of unknowing and endowed with the ability to cognize.' The two aspects are 'empty luminosity,' like a clear open sky, which is the cognizant quality of the nature of mind; and 'manifest luminosity,' such as five-colored lights, images, and so forth. Luminosity is the uncompounded nature present throughout all of samsara and nirvana [RY]

shin tu stong pa'i 'od gsal - the completely empty luminosity [RY]