De bzhin gshegs pa

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tathagata, intrinsically inhering buddhahood, the very thrust of being towards being, he who is gone, those who have come through, gone to nirvana, gone like that, gone like those other ones, Transcendent One [JV]

tath'agata [dwelling in the extremes neither of samsara or nirvana, relying on the path of suchness, having gone to the manifestation of great enlightenment. Tathagatas lit 1 who has gone thus to nirvana, a buddha - 'the thus-gone'] [IW]

tath'agata [IW]

1) the Tathagata, (Syn. the Buddha), 2) tathagata, 'thus-gone', one gone to suchness; one who has gone thus [to nirvana], a buddha [RY]

Tathagata [IW]

Tathagata. 'Thus-gone.' Same as a fully enlightened buddha. A buddha who has gone (gata) to the state of dharmata suchness (tatha) [RY]

tathagata/ one gone to suchness [RB]

Tathāgata ('Suchness Faring One', Suchness Farer, etc.). Common epithet for a Buddha. 'Suchness Farer' may be one of the better English renditions. Mahāvyutpatti: तथागतः ॥ tathāgataḥde bzhin gshegs pa ॥ དེ་བཞིན་གཤེགས་པ་ [Erick Tsiknopoulos]