Bsam gtan gnyis pa

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the 2nd dhyana [IW]

the second heaven of Gods in Concentration States is divided into. 1) 'od chung. 2) tshad med 'od 3) 'od gsal [RY]

the Second Dhyana [realms]: 'od chung tshad med 'od 'od gsal gsum the three abodes of Lesser Light, Measureless Light, and Radiant Light [RY]

the 2nd dhyana [the 2nd heaven of Gods in concentration states is divided into 'od chung tshad med 'od 'od gsal [one of the bsam gtan bzhi having conceived of the concept and scrutiny rtog dpyod of the 1st dhyana as a fault the antidote by means of meditation, arising from ting nge 'dzin gyi khyad par possessing dga' ba and bde ba, in the 1st dhyana chags pa, rtog, dpyod, rgod pa etc abandoning gnyen po'i yan lag rab tu dvangs pa zhes inner mind and mental contents free from conflict [['khrug pa dang bral and sa 'og ma las nges par byung ba'i rang sa la rab tu dad pa and, as limbs of beneficial qualities dga and' bde and, as limbs of gnas sems rtse gcig pa'i ting nge 'dzin possessing four limbs.] [IW]