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sangs rgyas rigs brgya - Hundred Families of Buddhas. Those of the Forty-two Peaceful Deities and the Fifty-eight Wrathful Deities. or Blood-drinkers [RY]

class of terrifying deities, Heruka, SA skyu ru ra, blood drinker, general name of wrathful manifestations that appear in the Anuttara tantra mandalas [JV]

1) Heruka, Chakrasamvara 2) skyu ru ra, emblic myrobalan, blood drinker, Heruka, blood-drinking heruka, blood-drinker (wrathful deity, drink blood [IW]

1) Heruka, lit. 'blood-drinker'; a heruka; a wrathful deity; drinker of the blood of ego-clinging. 2) drinking blood [RY]