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In October 1975, an evening music group begins, with singing and dancing. This music group, with many different musicians, forms an integral part of Osho's work.

The music groupleader asked for a name for the group and Osho replied "I will give you a name…Nadam. It means the ultimate sound."

"The place to go to in the evening was Music Group (unless you were one of the lucky ones to have darshan). There were hundreds of us there, sometimes up to a thousand, singing and dancing along (“Drinking from your wine, Bhagwan … “). It was Anubhava, a sannyasin from Germany, who clearly carried the event. Just with his voice and guitar and backed by a few musicians he’d do his magic, every night. There were times the energy was so high that we thought it would lift the roof off Buddha Hall." (Sw Bodhena)

You're a Fountain of Love, Hallelujah and This is the Journey to the Heart (which starts at 6:30)
Sw Prem Anubhava : vocals, guitar
Sw Govinddas : guitar, multi-instruments
Sw Anandadas : bass
Ma Vipassana : vocals
Sw Anand Rupesh : percussion
Sw Anugama : percussion
Sw Nigama? : percussion?
Sw Sumeru : percussion
Sw Prem Geet : bass
1978 : Colours of Creation
1979 : Morning Celebration Music
1979 : Selected Celebration Songs
1979 : 1979-07-10 Guru Purnima Darshan ~ Meditation Music
1980 : 1980-03-21 Enlightenment Day Darshan ~ Ashram Music Group
1980 : 1980-07-27 Guru Purnima Darshan
1980 : 1980-09-08 Mahaparinirvana Day
1981 : 1981-03-21 Enlightenment Day
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