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Template:Clone2Template:Vetted Template:Infobox writer Arthur Braverman is an American author and translator, primarily translating from Japanese to English. A Zen Buddhist practitioner, Braverman lived in Japan for seven years and studied at Antai-ji temple in 1969 training under Kosho Uchiyama. In 1978 he returned to the United States and studied classical Japanese at Columbia University.[1] He lives in Ojai, CA with his wife.[2]


  • Living and Dying in Zazen: Five Zen Masters of Modern Japan
  • Dharma Brothers: Kodo and Tokujoo, An historical novel based on the lives of two Zen masters, Kodo Sawaki and Kozan Tokujoo Kato.


  • Mud and Water: The Collected Teachings of Zen Master Bassui
  • Warrior of Zen: The Diamond-Hard Wisdom Mind of Suzuki Shosan
  • A Quiet Room: The Poetry of Zen Master Jakushitsu


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