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Aprāpti (T. ma thob pa; C. feide) is defined in the Sanskrit Abhidharma tradition as a subtance that "constitutes the non-possession of something that is not attained."Template:SPIBC1 sv

The Khenjuk states:

Something such as a virtue which is diminished or degenerated from being an acquisition (prāpti) in one's being is called a dispossession.Template:Gateway1 sv

Science and Philosophy in the Indian Buddhist Classics states:

Nonobtainment is asserted to be the substance that constitutes the nonpossession of something that is not obtained.Template:SPIBC1 sv

Template:NCF distinction 2

Translations of this term into English

  • nonobtainment (T. ma thob pa) (Ian James Coghlan)
  • dispossession (T. ma thob pa) (Erik Pema Kunsang)
  • dispossession or nonaquisition (T. 'thob pa med pa) (Buswell, Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism)



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