Appearance and Existence

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(this world of) appearances and possibilites [RB]

all phenomenal existence, universe, the world of appearances and the fictions about it, appearances & existences, life forms & their experiences, beings and their worlds, appearances & beings, visible, external world appearance and existence, phenomenal world, animate and inanimate universe, universe and beings, all which appears and that exists, the universe and existence, world of appearances and possibilities, apparitional existence, worlds and beings, appearance and existence, phenomena & beings [JV]

Appearance and existence, [apparent] existence, phenomena, what appears and exists, phenomenal appearance,, the phenomenal world [IW]

all which appears and exists, this (entire) world of all possible phenomena and phenomenal appearances), appearance and existence, apparent existence phenomena, this which appears and exists, phenomenal appearance, existence, the phenomenal world, phyi external phenomenon; all phenomenal existence, all that appears and that exists; snang tshad srid tshad all which appears and exists'; cyclic existence [RY]