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Anumāna (T. rjes dpag/rjes su dpag pa, Wyl. རྗེས་དཔག་; C. biliang), or valid inference, is defined as "a state of mind that knows its own particular object, a hidden phenomenon to be proven, based on evidence in which the three modes are complete".[1]


  1. Inference for oneself (svārthamāna; rang don rjes dpag)
  2. Inference for others (parārthānumāna; gzhan don rjes dpag)


  1. dngos stobs
  2. grags pa
  3. yid ches


  1. tshul gsum tshang ba'i rtags la brten nas rang yul lkog gyur gyi bsgrub bya rtogs pa'i blo

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