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Apte Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary

aBavat a. Not existing. --Comp.

--aBavanmatayogaH, --saMyogaH (in Rhet.)

a defect in composition; aBavan asaM-

Bavannapi mataH izwaH yogaH saMbaMDaH yatra K. P.

7; the ‘failure of an intended con-

nection’, or want of harmony be-

tween the ideas to be expressed

and the words expressing them;

e. g. Ikzase yatkawAkzeRa tadA DanvI manoBavaH,

here the word yat can have no cor-

relation with tadA though intended

by the poet. The proper reading

would be Ikzase cet &c.; for other

examples see S. D. 575 ad. loc.