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Apte Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary

aBastrakA, aBastrikA, also aBastrAkA

[a -BastrA P. VII. 3. 47] 1 A badly

made or inferior pair of bellows.

--2 A young woman who has no


Goldstücker Sanskrit-English Dictionary

aBastrakA or aBastrikA f. (-kA) I. Bad little bellows. E. a

deter. -BastrA, taddh. aff. kan, or a Tatpur. a deter. and Ba-
strakA or BastrikA. (The word may in this sense also have the
form aBastrAkA, according to Pāṇ. VII. 3. 49., but this form
is not expressedly stated by the commentators.)
II. A little woman without bellows (? or something little
(fem.) without bellows). [The word is commented upon by
Patanjali, Kaiyyaṭa &c. to Pāṇ. VII. 3. 47., but only with the
intent of illustrating the double form of the Bahuvr. deriv.,
for the Tatpur. or the Tatpur. deriv., as resulting from VII.
3. 48., did not require a special notice in the former Sūtra;
Patanj.: upasarjanArTo'yamAramBaH . aBastrikA . aBastrakA;
Kaiyy.: nAsti BastrA asyA iti bahuvrIhAvupasarjanahrasvatve kfte
yazwAbutpadyate sa BAzitapuMskAdaBastraSabdAtpara ityuttarasUtreRa pA- [Page235-b+ 56]
kzikapratizeDAprasaNgAdBastrAgrahaRam; Kāśikā: avidyamAnA BastrA
asyA aBastrA . alpA aBastrA aBastrikA . aBastrakA (&c.
similarly to Kaiyyaṭa).] E. aBastrA (the fem. of aBastra),
taddh. aff. kan and fem. aff. wAp.

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1899

a-BastrakA <lex>f.</lex> a badly made or inferior pair of bellows (<ab>i.e.</ab> small), said to mean also (a woman) who has no bellows, <ls>Pāṇ. 7-3, 47.</ls>A fatal error occurred in the #info parser functionA fatal error occurred in the #info parser function

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1872

A-bhastrakā or a-bhastrikā or a-bhastrākā, f.

a badly made or inferior pair of bellows. The former
two are said to mean also, ‘a small woman who has
no bellows.’

Böhtlingk Sanskrit-Wörterbuch in kürzerer Fassung

*aBastrakA und *aBastrikA <lex>f.</lex>

Böhtlingk and Roth Grosses Petersburger Wörterbuch

aBastrakA oder aBastrikA demin. von 3. a + Bastra <ls n="1.230">P. 7, 3, 47.</ls>