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Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1899

A-√ Baj <ab>P.</ab> (<ab>Impv.</ab> 2. <ab>sg.</ab> A/-Baja; <ab>pf.</ab> A/-baBAja; <ab>aor.</ab> <ab>Subj.</ab> 2. <ab>sg.</ab> A/-BAg, <ls>RV. viii, 69, 8</ls>) <ab>Ā.</ab> (<ab>Impv.</ab> 2. sg. A/-Bajasva, &c.) to cause to share or partake;

to help any one to anything, let any one have anything, <ls>RV.</ls>; <ls>AV.</ls>; <ls>AitBr.</ls>; <ls>ŚBr.</ls> &c.;
to revere, respect, <ls>BhP.</ls> :
<ab>Caus.</ab> (<ab>Impv.</ab> 2. <ab>sg.</ab> -BAjayasva) to cause to partake <ab>Comm.</ab> on <ls>BṛĀrUp. i, 3, 18.</ls>A fatal error occurred in the #info parser function

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1872

ABaj ā-bhaj, cl. 1. P., Ved. -bhajati, -bhak-
tum, to make one share, cause one to partake.

Stchoupak Dictionnaire Sanscrit-Français

ā-BHAJ- aider ; respecter.