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Goldstücker Sanskrit-English Dictionary

aBUtaprAdurBAva Tatpur. m. (-vaH) Manifestation of what has

not existed before; e. g. Kāś. on Pāṇ. (‘itTaMBUtena kftamiti
ca’) kftamiti kriyAsAmAnye karotirvartate . nABUtaprAdurBAva eva
‘the verb ‘to do’ of which ‘done’ is the past part. means
in this Sūtra action in general, not (that special action
which implies) manifestation of what has not existed be-
fore’ i. e. kftam is there not to be taken literally, but as
the general notion of verbal action. E. aBUta and prAdurBAva.

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1899

a-BUta—prAdurBAva <lex>m.</lex> the becoming manifest of what has not been before.A fatal error occurred in the #info parser function