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Cappeller Sanskrit-English Dictionary

aBUmi <lex>f.</lex> not the right place or object.

Cappeller Sanskrit Wörterbuch

aBUmi f. nicht der (rechte) Ort o. Bereich.

Goldstücker Sanskrit-English Dictionary

aBUmi Tatpur. f. (-miH) 1 Anything but earth, anything but

a solid ground; e. g. Kātyāy. Śrautas.: SUlaM cABUmO (Yā-
jnikad.: aDvaryustadDfdayaSUlaM na pfTivyAM nApsu nikzipet, he is
not to put it down anywhere, i. e. he is to hold it up).
2 No object for; e. g. Śākunt.: sa Kalu manoraTAnAmaBUmirvi-
sarjanAvasarasatkAraH (comm. aBUmiH = avizayaH) ‘the honour
(Indra conferred on me) at the occasion of dimissing me,
was indeed no object for (i. e. beyond) my wishes’; or
Śiśupālabadha: aBUdaBUmiH pratipakzajanmanAM BiyAm (comm.
aBUmiravizayaH) ‘he was no object for fear from enemies’,
i. e. he was fearless. [3 A bad or unsuitable ground.] E.
a neg. or deter. and BUmi.

Macdonell Sanskrit-English Dictionary

aBUmi a-bhūmi, f. not the right place, no

sphere for (g.): -ṣṭha, a. not being in his

own country.

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1899

a-BUmi <lex>f.</lex> non-earth, anything but earth, <ls>KātyŚr.</ls>A fatal error occurred in the #info parser function

  no proper place or receptacle or object for (<ab>gen.</ab>), <ls>Śāk. &c.</ls>A fatal error occurred in the #info parser function

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1872

aBUmi a-bhūmi, is, f. non-earth, anything

but earth; no proper object, unfit place or object.

Böhtlingk Sanskrit-Wörterbuch in kürzerer Fassung

aBUmi <lex>f.</lex>
— 1) irgend Etwas mit Ausnahme des Erdbodens.
— 2) ein ungeeigneter Boden , kein Bereich für (<ab>Gen.</ab>). <ls n="1130">KĀD.49,24.250,7.</ls>

Böhtlingk and Roth Grosses Petersburger Wörterbuch

aBUmi (3. a + BUmi) <lex>f.</lex>
1) Nicht - Erde, irgend Etwas mit Ausnahme der Erde: SUlaM cABUmO nikzipet <ls n="1.159">KĀTY. ŚR. 6, 8, 3.</ls>
— 2) ein ungeeigneter Ort: aBUmiriyamavinayasya <ls n="1.063">ŚĀK. 101, 19.</ls> aBUmirdarpARAmaham <ls n="1.070">ŚĀNTIŚ. 4, 22.</ls> sa Kalu manoraTAnAmapyaBUmirvisarjanAvasarasatkAraH fürwahr die Gunstbezeugung bei Gelegenheit der Entlassung war sogar ausser dem Bereich der Wünsche, (übertraf sogar alle Wünsche) <ls n="1.063">ŚĀK. 97, 9.</ls> Vgl. <ls n="1.202">MĀLAV. 35, 4</ls> : aBUmI iaM mAlaviAe .

Schmidt Nachträge zum Sanskrit-Wörterbuch

m. N. pr. eines Sohnes des Citraka , VP.^2 4 , 96. 

Shabda-Sagara Sanskrit-English Dictionary

f. (-miH) Want of place of refuge or support, destitution, priva- tion.
E. a neg. BUmi site.

Stchoupak Dictionnaire Sanscrit-Français

a-bhūmi- <ab>f.</ab> endroit non propice ou convenable <lbinfo n="7"/> pour (<ab>gén.</ab>). [Page70-2]
°ja- <ab>a.</ab> né sur un sol impropre.
°da- <ab>a.</ab> qui ne gratifie pas d'un terrain.


aBUmi strI na0 ta0 . 1 anASrame avizaye aBUdaBUmiH

pratipakzajanmanAM BiyAmiti mAGaH aBUmiriyamapana-

yasya Saku0 nABUdaBUmiH smaraSAyakAnAm nEza0 . saKalu

manoraTAnAmapyaBUmirvisarjanAvasarasatkAraH iti Saku0 .

aprASastye na0 ta0 . apraSastaBUmO . na0 ba0 . BUmiSUnye tri0 .

Wilson Sanskrit-English Dictionary

aBUmi f. (-miH) Want of place of refuge or support, destitution, privation.
E. a neg. BUmi site.