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Apte Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary

aBOtika a. (kI f.) Not mate-

rial, not elemental, not produced

by the gross elements; mental.

Goldstücker Sanskrit-English Dictionary

aBOtika Tatpur. m. f. n. ('-kaH-kI-kam) Not produced by

the coarse or visible elements, intellectual.--In the
Sāṅkhya philosophy aBOtikasarga is one of the creations or
evolutions of Prakṛti or Matter, comprising the evolutions
called liNgasarga ‘evolution of mind’ and BAvasarga ‘evolution
of mental affections’, the other evolution of Prakṛti being
BOtikasarga or BUtasarga, produced by the coarse elements and
comprising eight classes of celestial beings (see brAhma, prA-
jApatya, sOmya, Endra, gAnDarva, yAkza, rAkzasa, pESAca)--in
whom prevails the quality sattva--, five species of brute
creation (tame animals, wild animals, birds, reptiles and
immovable substances)--in whom prevails the quality
tamas--, and the species man, with the predominant quality
rajas; ‘both, the aBOtika--and the BOtika--evolutions,
comprise therefore sixteen evolutions of Matter’. [This is, in
my opinion, the bearing of Gaudapādas concluding remark
on the Sāṅkhya-Kār. v. 54: evamaBOtikaH sargo liNgasargo BA-
vasargo--cfr. v. 52--BUtasargo dEvamAnuzatEryagyona--cfr. v. 53--
ityeza praDAnakftaH zoqaSasargaH]. E. a neg. and BOtika.

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1899

a-BOtika <lex>mfn.</lex> not relating to or produced by the gross elements, not material <ab>Comm.</ab> on <ls>Nyāyad. &c.</ls>A fatal error occurred in the #info parser function

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1872

aBOtika a-bhautika, as, ī, am, not ele-

mental, not relating to or produced by the gross ele-
ments, mental.

Böhtlingk Sanskrit-Wörterbuch in kürzerer Fassung

aBOtika <lex>Adj.</lex> nicht aus den Elementen hervorgegangen , — materiell <ls n="1098">GAUḌAP.</ls> zu <ls n="1243">SĀṂKHYAK.54.</ls> [Page1092-1] <ab>Comm.</ab> zu <ls n="1207">NYĀYAS.3,1,30,31.</ls> Davon <ab>Nom.abstr.</ab> °tva <lex>n.</lex> <ls>ebend.</ls>