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Apte Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary

ABAz 1 A. 1 To address,

speak to, converse with; vESaMpAyanaScaM-

drApIqamAbaBAze K. 117; kurute nAlApamA-

BAzitA Nāg. 4. --2 To say or speak

(something) (with two acc.); ABA-

zi rAmeRa vacaH kanIyAn Bk. 3. 51. --3

To say or speak; saKI vetraBfdAbaBAze

R. 6. 82, 14. 44. --4 To name. --5 To

talk aloud, shout.

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1899

A-√ BAz <ab>Ā.</ab> -BAzate, to address, speak to, <ls>MBh.</ls>; <ls>R.</ls> &c.;

to talk, converse with, <ls>MBh.</ls>; <ls>Kathās.</ls>; <ls>Hariv.</ls>;
to talk, speak;
to communicate;
to call, shout, <ls>MBh.</ls>; <ls>Ragh.</ls>;
to name, <ls>Suśr.</ls>;
to promise, <ls>Kathās.</ls>A fatal error occurred in the #info parser function

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1872

ABAz ā-bhāṣ, cl. 1. A. -bhāṣate, -ṣitum,
to address, speak to; to talk, shout.

Stchoupak Dictionnaire Sanscrit-Français

ā-BHĀṢ- <ab>moy.</ab> parler à, converser ; appeler <lbinfo n="3"/> ; promettre.