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Āpas (P. āpo; T. chu; C. shuida) translates as water. It is also called āpodhātu (water element). It is identified as one of the primary elements (mahābhūta).

Āpas (water) has the properties of fluidity and cohesion.

Pali tradition

A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma states:

The water element, or fluidity, is the material factor that makes different particles of matter cohere, thereby preventing them from being scattered about. Its characteristic is trickling or oozing, its function is to intensify the coexisting material states, and it is manifested as the holding together or cohesion of material phenomena.Template:Manual of Abhidhamma sv

Sanskrit tradition

The Khenjuk states:

The water element is fluidity and [it's function is] cohesion.Template:Gateway1 sv



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