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monk: The masters of Buddhism can be separated into several categories according to the vows that they have taken.

The lay practicioners (Tibetan: Ge Nyen. Sanskrit: Upasaka) have at least the vow of refuge and perhaps one or several of five precepts which forbid murder, stealing, sexual misconduct, Template:Wiki and indulging in intoxicants.

Novices (Tibetan: Getsul) have taken vows of celibacy and chastity by maintaining ten vows.

Fully ordained monks (Tibetan: Gelong. Sanskrit: Bhiksu) are subject also to chastity, and respect a code of discipline explained in the Vinaya by the Buddha himself and which is comprised of 253 diverse vows regulating in the smallest details, the attitude, the Template:Wiki, the clothing, the walk, nourishment, etc. of the monks.

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