English Translation of tiruvAcakam of mAnikka vAcakar 2

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and there he carried sand for Vandi to get pittu. In Utharakosamangai he did clever deeds. In Puvanam he appeared in a beautiful form. In Thiruvadavur he danced as his anklets sounded sweetly. In rich Thirupperundurai he stayed happily and wandered as a thief. In Puvalam, staying happily, he destroyed the bad karma of all and made a pandal and fed water to thirsty people.

61- 80 In Thiruvenkadu he went as a guest and stayed under a kurundam tree. In Thiruppattamangai he gave the eight siddhis to sages. Disguised as a hunter he hid in the forest. In Thirumeykkaadu, the unique lord stayed happily and gave his grace to all. In Thiruvoriyur he became a child. In Pandur he stayed in the temple. In Thiruthevur he disguised himself as a king and ruled. In Thiruvarur he taught wisdom to the sages. In Thiruvidaimarudur he danced. In Thiruvekambam he stayed with his wife who shares half his body.

81-100. In Thiruvanjiyam he stayed with his wife who has fragrant hair, becoming a warrior with a strong bow and performing heroic deeds. He stayed majestically in Kadampur and in Engoymalai. In Thiruvaiyaru he stayed as a Saivaite sage. In Thiruthuruthi, he stayed happily. In Thiruppanai all the people loved him. In Thirukazukkundram he tarried. In Thiruppuyampuram he gave many boons to his devotees. In Thirukkutralam he stayed in his form of meditation. The ancient god with a beautiful form comes magically and gives goodness to all. Shiva, the god of compassion, came from the sky and taught the shastras to all in Chandradeepam city. In Thirukkazhipaalai he stays beautifully.

101-126 The nature of the compassionate lord of endless fame cannot be described. He is smeared with divine white powder. He destroys the future births of his devotees and gives them joy. The compassionate lord dances to the sound of drums and shares half of his body with his wife. His pure, shining body destroys the three faults and karma of his devotees. In Thirukazhumalam, wearing a cenkazhuneer flower garland, he gives his love to all. Thirumal and Brahma could not find his head or feet. He rode on a horse and came to the earth. The god of the Pandya country gives his grace to his devotees so that they will not be born again on the earth. He gives moksha to the devotees who worship him with devotion. He is the god of Utharakosamangai and the god of gods who gave his grace to all the three ancient gods. He takes away the ignorance of his devotees and gives them joy. He, the mountain of grace, knows the qualities and abilities of all and gives his grace accordingly.

127- 146 O lord, I am a dog. You asked me to come to the dancing hall in flourishing Thillai. You join your devotees and give your grace. Of the devotees who cannot reach him, some enter fire, some are entranced with love for him, some fall on the ground and worship him, some run to the ocean and cry, “O god, O lord!” and some reach his feet. Some anxiously wait for the same grace he gave to Pathanjali. He dances in the golden hall of Thiruppuliyur and smiles at his wife Uma whose red mouth is sweet as a fruit. He, the god of high Kailasa mountain, came to Thiruppuliyur and abides there.

3. Thiruvandappakudi [3]

Praise the lord as the creator of the world

1-28 The lord has the form of the world that can not be measured. He is more beautiful than hundreds of crores of lights. He is small like an atom yet he is large. He created Brahma, the creator of the world, and he creates and protects all creatures of the world and he also ends their lives. The world moves as if it were caught in a storm and he makes it function.

He is the lord of all the six religions and their principles and he is moksha for all, even the gods. Every day he gives light to the sun, coolness to the moon, heat to fire and purity to the wide sky. He makes the wind blow and gives water its sweet taste. He creates the earth and the many crores of things in it.


He is ancient, matchless, the whole universe. He wears the teeth of a boar and a tiger skin. He is smeared with white ashes. Whenever I think of him, I am unable to bear the thought that I have not reached him. He, the creator of the music of the veena, is also its music. 35

37-50 He is ancient, the highest one and could not be found by Brahma and Thirumal. He is a wonder and many who can't be described in words. The mind cannot know him but he can be caught in the net of devotion. He is unique, the only god. a wonderful thing like an atom, and he pervades the whole world.

51-60 He is a rare thing among rare things and has matchless praise. He enters into all things and makes them flourish. Scholars cannot recognize him. The lord who has no birth or ending creates all relationships in the world and moksha. Lord Shiva is all moving and unmoving creatures— even the gods do not know him.. He is female, male and ali. I saw the god with my own eyes, the compassionate lord who is nectar and gives his grace to all.

61- 65 He came to earth to make his devotees his. I am sure he is the god Shiva. He made me his and gave his grace to me. He is joined with Uma whose beautiful eyes are like kuvalai blossoms— she is half his body.

66-95 As if he were a dark cloud, the god took water from the ocean of divine joy and climbed the mountain in Thirupperundurai. Then lightning spread in all directions, snakes that have five senses ran away, the hot season made the trees dry, beautiful kandal flowers bloomed, indragopa insects swarmed everywhere, and lotuses bloomed with petals that were like kandal blossoms.

The flood of his grace spread in all directions. Thirsty deer drank water, rivers flooded and crashed on their banks, rain fell and cooled the heat beautiful flowers bloomed, kandal buds looked like the folded hands of devotees, butterflies flew everywhere, thunder roared, water like the wisdom of knowledge filled up the ponds and crashed on their banks, and trees fell like our bad karma.

As if they were deer thirsty for drink, good devotees drink in the meaning of the six religions. As if they were performing archana for the gods, farmers lovingly plant their crops in the earth. May the god of the universe who is like a cloud prosper.

96-100 Praising God. vaazhga

Let us praise the lord who wears a snake belt. Let us praise the ancient lord who gives grace to the sages, Let us praise the lord who removes the future births of his devotees, attracts them and makes them his. Let us praise the lord who will come to me and remove my sorrow.100

101-105 Let us praise the lord, the dancer in the middle of the night. Let us praise the lord who gives his nectar-like grace to devotees if they approach him. Let us praise the lord, the beloved of Uma who has beautiful arms. Let us praise the lord, a treasure for his poor devotees and an enemy for his enemies.

106-111 The lord, our friend wears a snake for an ornament, praise him. He made me crazy for him, praise him. He is strong and decorated with ash, praise him. The ancient lord makes everything happen in all directions and he makes all to sleep and wakes them up, praise him. There are no words to describe him, praise him.

112-123 No one knows him in their feelings? and he can't be seen or felt by all the senses, praise him. He created the sky, water, earth, fire and the wind, praise him. Like the fragrance in flowers his fame spreads everywhere, praise him. The shinning lord came to me today with compassion, gave his grace and removed my future births, praise him. He is very easy for me to reach. He gave me my body that melts for his love. He stays in my mind and makes me happy, praise him. When I become a devotee of the lord I feel his flood of joy all over my body. I do not want this body—I want to join him.

Omnipresent lord could not be found by devotees. 123 - 132

He is a heap of emeralds and shines brightly. He was not found by Brahma who has heads in all four directions. Those who tried hard to see him could not find him. All the sages tried to find him, but could not. Even those who concentrated only on him could not find him and felt disappointed. Those who learned all the Vedas and searched for him could not find him. Those who thought they could find him in tantras could not find him even in the sky.

133 - 141 He is unique. He has the form of a male, a female and an ali and all the gods were unable to find him. He shares his body with his wife who has shining forehead. He was not found by sages who controlled their five senses, left all their pleasures of the world, and did penance with their thin bodies. No one knows whether he is or he is not or whether he is one thing. I, his devotee, finally found that thief who hid himself.

142 - 145 He hid himself from all those who worship him saying, “Praise him, praise him, adorn him with garlands, go round him and worship him, follow him, do not leave him, hold on to him!”

146 -157 The matchless lord with a unique nature calls us, his devotees, and makes us his. He shows us his Vedic form and gives his grace. I worshiped him crying and calling out. I felt as if I were caught in the waves of the ocean, had fallen into it, rolled about and cried. I felt like a crazy man and became like a maniac. People were scared to see me and those who heard me were amazed. I was like a mad elephant as I suffered. I do not enjoy the feelings of five senses.

158 - 167 In the cities of his enemies he is like a fire that destroys them, but he is like a nellikkani on my palm. I do not know how to praise him. Is this right for him? I cannot survive without him. I do not know what he wants me to do or how to get his grace, and even if I receive it, I do not have enough of it. Even if I swallow it, it is not enough for me.

168 - 182 He filled my heart with nectar from the cool milky ocean roaring with waves. I am a dog yet he made my body fill with nectar. He made it as if nectar and sweet honey were flowing all through my flesh and bones. He makes me melt for him and makes my body pure. I am like an elephant that looks for sugarcane and vilam fruit. His grace and compassion flow through my body like honey and have made me his. He is the lord whom even Brahma could not find.

4. Potritthiruvahaval

1 - 30

As Brahma and all the gods in the sky worshiped you, Thirumal, praised by sages everywhere, who wears a silver crown and measured the three worlds with his two feet, wanted to find your feet, and, disguised as a boar, split open the earth and looked for them, but, unable to find them and exhausted, he praised you, saying, “Jeya, Jeya!” You are easy to find for your devotees if they worship you on this earth surrounded with wide ocean.

In this world where elephants and ants are born, I was born from the faultless womb of a mother unaffected by any of her impurities. After I was born for the first, the second and third month I survived, but in the fourth month, I lived in darkness, in the fifth month I was breathing well, in the sixth month all the neighbors came to see me and gossiped about how I look, in the seventh month, I crawled, in the eighth and ninth months I lived without any trouble, in the tenth month I slept with my mother and so I grew up year after year. In the morning I did all the things I had to do, in the day I was hungry always, and in the night I slept. That is how I lived.

31 - 59

When I was young I lived in this crazy world like a mad elephant, falling in love with women as beautiful as peacocks, with dark curly hair, red mouths, round breasts and sharp eyes. I learned from an ocean of books. Impoverished, I needed to earn wealth and suffered in many ways. I began to understand fate and I also began to understand all the magical things in life.