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Template:NN article header Housing Board announcement

Dear Community, the Entity::Housing Board has the following requests and announcements to convey to all.

1) Housing Service's tasks are allocated to different members dealing with the public (full list of HS members, including Rahul, Ambalagam and Nicolai, can be found on Auronet):

  • Alexey: Housing repairs
  • Karen: Newcomer housing & Youth housing
  • Savithri: Youth and Volunteers, Account follow up for Newcomers, House-sitting & Volunteers
  • Sonja & Ole: Project development
  • Sundar K.: Transfers, Evaluations, Loans & Grant applications
  • Svenja: House-sitting, Volunteers, Housing Board & Housing Service liaison
  • Venkatesh & Aravind: Accounting

We care to answer all concerns as soon as possible and so request the members of the community to address the specific persons mentioned here, when addressing their concerns and not only go to a particular member of the housing service.

If your concern is not looked into within 15 days, you may address it in an email to the Housing Board.

2) The Housing situation has always been challenging but the situation in Housing Service has never been better as at present with the GOI funding received for housing projects many youth have been accommodated recently in Humanscapes and Kriya. Yet presently we have about 130 people requiring housing soon and only around 5 houses to offer on average. We request the community members to inform the housing service when there are any unoccupied houses within their community so that housing could check with the stewards and allocate them. Housing Service only comes to know about vacant houses if stewards inform that they will be TOS. This help from the community of informing Housing about available places will be very valuable and helpful.

3) Members of the community need to understand that Housing makes all efforts to maintain harmony with regards to choosing stewards in a community.


  1. The house is mentioned for transfer in the N&N.
  2. Interested people are shown the house.
  3. A list of interested people is communicated to the HB by HS
  4. The approved list is sent to the community, sometimes in order of preference by the housing.
  5. The community chooses 3 members from this list.
  6. The immediate neighbors then choose in order of preference from these 3 members chosen by the community
  7. The choice is then communicated back to housing.
  8. The Housing Board then makes the final choice as per policy. (policy on Auronet)

Please note that the steward is chosen only from the list submitted by housing, the community cannot make additions to the provided list without going through Housing.

4) The Housing Board is being consistent with the policy with regards to no second stewardship and requests the community to understand that in the present situation of crisis, housing is not flexible to change the purpose of a housing asset from residential to an office or workshop space. The FAMC is required to be consulted for this.

5) In the meeting of 28.08.2018 it was decided that fraternal contribution will be used to create new housing and will no longer be available for house extensions as it was observed that many house extensions are later converted to homestays and do not serve the purpose of housing community members. It will be available only in exceptional cases. The new revised fraternal contributions will be published soon by FAMC.

We hope to build a relationship of collaboration and trust with all community members and do hope that even with all the difficulties with availability of houses, members of the community can still feel this care and understanding from housing.

We also wish to convey to the community that we value Sonja's presence in the Housing Service very much. She cares and so she still manages to be in the Housing Service, where many people could not take the pressure and had to leave. The Housing Service and the Housing Board are doing their best to expedite finding solutions to the housing crunch and be of service to the community.

With gratitude and warm regards,
The Housing Board
(Inge, Mita Dg, Ole, Prabhu, Sundar, Sunder R., Svenja, Ulli, Venkat, Xavier, Yuval)
housingboard (at)